What distinguishes you from everyone else? Is it your bubbly personality, your contagious laugh or your sweet and compassionate nature? Everyone shines for a different reason and we all have traits and qualities that make us unique from those around us.  We aim to distinguish ourselves from others in plenty of ways, but we often overlook one of the simplest but lasting impressions you can leave on someone, your scent. The perfume or cologne that you choose to wear can work in harmony with your personality to exude your positive traits on those around you and leave them with not only a memory of you but with a scent that they will forever connect with you.  Whether you’re bright, bubbly and energetic, or sensual, calm and intellectual, there is a scent that was created with you in mind. As an authorized retailer for the majority of niche, luxury, and celebrity fragrances, we can pair you a large variety of scents from brands such as Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Creed, Hermes, Juliette Has A Gun, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana  etc, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect match!

At City Perfume, our monthly horoscopes will help connect you to scents that bring out your strongest personality traits and compliment you in the best way possible. Each scent is unique, and combined with your natural allure can make you truly unforgettable. Be sure to check back every month to see what new scent may be your new signature fragrance! 


Aquarians, trying to change the world one brilliant idea at a time. If you're an Aquarius, you're no stranger to fresh ideas and concepts that can improve the world as we know it. You have a drive to help people realise they are the change that the world needs. Your motivational conversations and intellectual insight allow you to have a large and strong following of friends and acquaintances that will support you on your journey to change to the world.

While eccentric is a word commonly used to describe you, you really are quite level headed. Even though your ideas may sometimes seem way out in left field to others, you have the know-how and determination to actually pull it together and make it a success. Whether it's a new system put in place to improve workplace efficiency, or an improvement to your current carpool system, you are always looking for ways to make process improvements that will benefit everyone. A word of wisdom for you Aquarius, not everyone is looking for change, in fact many people around you are more than happy to keep things exactly as they are; be cautious how you present ideas and big changes to ensure you don't offend, annoy, or anger others.

You don't bid well when you're alone, but you know that; how can you share all of your brilliant ideas when nobody is around? For this reason, you're constantly surrounded by your family and friends. It's these people that know you can be overly eccentric at times that are able to bring you down to earth when you really need it. They are important people to keep in your life because they are able to do so without hurting your feelings or turning your ideas down completely. You're just as bubbly and out there when it comes to love. You know what you want in a relationship and will always have ideas to keep things fresh and exciting.

Your eccentric personality will work in harmony with Nicki Minaj's perfume, ​Pink Friday. This intoxicating perfume mixes playful fruity notes, pink flower petals, creamy vanilla, musk and woods. It opens with juicy notes of star fruit, Italian mandarin, and a blackberry and raspberry hybrid called boysenberry. Lotus and starry jasmine petals are in the heart, while the base consists of caramelised pear, vanilla, musk and woody notes- sounds like a perfect perfume fit Aquarius. For the male Aquarian, a sleek, sexy and sophisticated perfume is your match, we recommend ​Dior Homme to match your sharp personality. 



Aries, you're always leading the pack with your fearless and energetic nature. You’re never afraid to try something new, and definitely won’t be the last person to try out a trend. In fact, you’re usually the one starting the new trend and by the time the rest of the world has caught on you’re already onto the next one. In your professional life you know exactly how to set goals and won’t stop until they are achieved to the highest level of excellence, for this reason you’re likely in a leadership role, running your own business or on the track to do so in the future. It’s rare to find an Aries that will sit back and take life as it’s given to them, you’re always looking to take the next step to be the best- all while staying humble and surprisingly kind. It’s easy to misunderstand an Aries as they tend to always be working two steps ahead and struggle with remaining patient with other signs who may take a slower approach to problem solving. As an Aries your impulsive behaviour often leads you to brilliant ideas that the more cautious signs wouldn’t even consider, it’s no surprise then that you take a few more falls with this process. Luckily Aries are quick to rebound and learning a lesson the hard way doesn’t slow them down, it’s not long before they’re throwing themselves into another risky, creative and out of the box idea. When they have their mind set on accomplishing something, everyone else needs to let them take the reins to keep the peace. However don’t let the competitive nature of an Aries fool you, they can be some of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet.

The energetic, enthusiastic and fearlessness of an Aries pairs well with a large variety of perfumes and colognes. Their bold personality can easily be paired with the strong, deeper scents, but this month we recommend a scent that is just as charming as the most lovable Aries, and brings out their sparkling personality with the wonderful flirty scent of Oh, Lola, by Marc Jacobs. If this combination of pear, effervescent raspberry, peony, magnolia, cyclamen, sandalwood, Tonka bean and vanilla isn’t fitting your tastes this month perhaps you’d prefer a unique scent from Salvador Dali. The Dalimania is an Oriental fragrance which boasts top notes of orange, black currants and peach, middle notes of iris coconut, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose with base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, vanilla and musk!

If Oh, Lola has caught your interest, click here. For the path less traveled, click here for The Dalimania.


Oh the compassionate Cancer, full of sentiment and emotion. If you're born under the Cancer sign you have an emotional connection to your family and close friends that is unparalleled. You are devoted, sensitive and empathetic, and these strong qualities don't go unnoticed by your loved ones. However, because you only trust your small inner circle, others trying to get to know you often find you cold and hard to understand. They see how compassionate you are to others, but have yet to see that empathy shown to them. Although you aren't one for conflict or large social outings, try and put yourself out there a little bit more, you never know where you'll find the next addition to your inner circle. Saying that, you're often right to not open yourself up to everyone who wants in, and you understand that not everyone has pure intentions like yourself. Continue to choose your friends wisely, but don't keep your wall so high because genuine, kind people like yourself can't get through.

Your kind and caring nature draws others to you, and you are truly happiest when you can give back to those you care about. You’re known not only for your kindness but also your flexibility. You can adjust to almost any situation and because of that people love having you around! You may find yourself doing things you don’t always enjoy though, so while being flexible is good it’s almost important to be vocal about your preferences so people know how you’re feeling.

Which scent matches your maternal instincts and caring demeanour? We recommend Salvador Dali’s Dalissime perfume. A scent that is just as traditional as yourself; inspired by Salvador Dali's Christmas painting, created to illustrate the cover of American Vogue, this fruity classic will show your inner softness with notes of peach and apricot. For the male Cancers, a strong, spicy classic like Salvador Dali’s Salvador is the perfect complement to your personality; strong and stable while still showcasing your perfect combination of sophistication and class with its tone of amber, wood and spice. 


Capricorns are a sign that truly understand the importance of hard work. You aren’t afraid of long hours and tough days and your determination to get to the top will carry you through any struggles. Whether it’s for the prestige, money, or fame, you will put in the time you need to in order to make it to the top of your respective fields. While you try and climb to the top without knocking down too many people, your often egotistical mannerisms can offend and annoy those who are working alongside you. Be cautious of how you talk to people Capricorns, you may not mean to offend or insult, but your pride and desire for excellence can be easily misinterpreted.

Those born as a Capricorn see things in black and white, and can successfully remove emotion from most situations. Your business minded approach to life allows you to methodically make decisions that more emotional signs would spend great time contemplating. While you do have a soft heart for a select few, everyone around gets to experience a seemingly heartless approach to life. It’s okay to show your softer side once in awhile, it doesn’t mean you aren’t still moving towards your goals! And the goals you have are ambitious ones at that, but never limit yourself Capricorn, you are beyond determined to accomplish these goals and other (slightly lazier) signs may try and talk you out of such large dreams as they don’t have the drive, willpower, or work ethic that you do to accomplish them.

It’s important for you to keep in mind that when it comes to matters of the heart things aren’t always black and white. Unlike your cold approach to business situations, love requires you to take some extra time to sit back and really think about what your heart wants, not just want makes logical sense.

To match your strong personality, we recommend the stronger version of Versace’s popular Bright Crystal perfume, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu. The top notes have been enriched with a blend of yuzu, pomegranate and accords of ice, refreshing the heart of raspberry, lotus, peony and magnolia. The base incorporates Acajou wood, amber and musk, the perfect contribution to your down to business minded approach to life . The masculine Capricorn needs a perfume that is equally as strong, and black and white as his feminine counterpart. Terre d`Hermes Parfum by Hermes uses its woodsy notes, oak moss and benzoin notes to let people know that are actually down to earth, just extremely motivated to be a success. 


To you Gemini, the world is for your taking and you’re not about to limit yourself to one or two items. You see all of the excitement and opportunities around you and don’t hesitate embracing all of them. While this opens your breadth of experiences to countless new and exciting adventures, in everyday life it can often leave you tired and worn out. You run yourself ragged trying to get your hands into everything that catches your eye, and we mean everything. If you can handle the stress and pressures of this then continue on and explore the world as you fancy Gemini. However, if you’re feeling that there’s not enough hours in a day and sleep in taking the back seat it may be time to let one or two things pass you by.

Your passion for communication makes you a social butterfly and an absolute pleasure to be around. Your interest in everything allows you to connect with virtually everyone and adapt to any situation. People are fascinated by you and your ability to go with the flow and try new things. You have a tough time understanding those who are comfortable in their “safe zone” and don’t dare to venture into new things. You aren’t one to sit in one place, all types of travel appeal to you and you look for that sense of adventure in your mates and personal relationships. In a general sense, all of your relationships stem from your strong communication skills.  People are drawn to your insight and often seek advice from you on their personal and professional relationships. You enjoy talking them through their situations and often take your own advice.

Your desire to be constantly entertained and stimulated keeps you and those around you on their toes. It’s never a dull day with a Gemini around!

Your sense of adventure and glow of happiness will pair perfectly with a cheerful and energetic splash of Dotby Marc Jacobs perfume. This scent is full of life with top notes of red berries and dragon fruit. This is followed by a beautiful floral trio of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom with wonderful base notes of coconut water, vanilla, driftwood and sensual musk. For the male Gemini’s out there Salvador Dali’s Fabulousis a luxurious and sensual option that will expose your sense of adventure. The deep tones of wood and leather paired with raspberry, oriental saffron, violet, cedar amber and precious wood exude the sophisticated traveler you are. 


The fire fueled Leo is always leading their pack down the road to success. With leadership skills and charisma that will often make you first to the finish line, you throw yourself into things wholeheartedly, sometimes even to a fault. Your ambition and determination sometimes have you taking on a few too many projects, and over committing to things no mortal human could possibly accomplish. While sometimes your superhuman strength allows you to soar through these struggles, you must learn to think things through before taking such large leaps. Whether it's love or friendships, you don't like to enter things halfheartedly, and those who you choose to bring close to you are there to remind you of that. While you love flattery, the ones you truly love are there with honesty and realistic facts to help keep you grounded when you need it the most. As independent as you are, these allies are your lifeline so it’s important that you value them as such. Your ambitious and dedicated personality make it hard for you to fail at things you truly believe in, as long as you're able to set realistic goals to make sure you don't feel defeated, you're sure to accomplish whatever you set your heart on.

You have truly perfected the art of love and giving, more so than any other sign. You get true happiness from helping others and often assume that everyone feels the same way. Don’t let your heart get broken just because others don’t have a heart quite as big as yours.

As you lead your pack Leo, a wild and sexy perfume scent from Salvador Dali will make sure everyone remembers your presence. The Dali Wild is a scent that can keep up with your ambitious personality. Its tones of hypnotic white flowers and rare exotic woods pair well with your charismatic flare and determination. The cologne scent that works perfectly with a male Leo is Marc Jacob’s Bang Bang- a refreshing scent with citrus top notes wrapped up in warm sandalwood and finished with a cashmere musk base note.


To all the lovely Libras out there- your dedication to building strong partnerships with those in your life never goes unnoticed. You are the epiphany of balance and harmony in a pair, so much so that you may actually function better with a partner than alone. You’re rarely found alone for that reason, and in fact the happiest Libra’s are the ones that have succeeded in finding their soul mates and have begun to live out the lifetime partnership of marriage. This is the ideal situation for a Libra to live their life the way they are the most comfortable and confident.

A prominent trait found in most Libras is your belief in fairness. You have a strong desire to ensure everything is done fairly and that all options are thoroughly considered before a decision is made. This is often frustrating to other signs that prefer to make a quick instinctive decision rather than spending time to consider all possibilities. Be patient with the other signs Libra, their thought processes are much different than yours, and being able to remain patient and calm is the best way to get your point across. Now, the majority of Libra’s would go to extreme lengths to avoid a conflict or confrontation, but rest assured you can still communicate your point without stepping on any toes because you’re a born charmer and always know what to say to make everyone feel comfortable.

You’re romantic, loyal and a true charmer in all forms of socialising. Peers look up to because you’re able to talk through others opinions and truly consider their perspective before respectfully presenting your own. You manage to not step on any toes, while still being confident enough to get your point across. Lucky for all of the others signs, you don’t use this charm to manipulate others, your loyalty and devotion for justice keeps you evening out both sides of any argument fully before coming to a conclusion.

Your charm and grace will pair well with an elegant perfume from Versace lady Libras, we recommend Versace’s Bright Crystal perfume. Its top notes are pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord with peony and magnolia tones in the centre while watery fresh lotus notes moderate the intensity and sweetness. For the male Libras the Terre d’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche will work wonderfully with your belief in balance and fairness. The top notes of orange, citrus and water will wow the crowd almost as much as you do while balancing things out nicely with a middle note of geranium. The new cologne will be available this month!


The loveable Pisces, one of the most compassionate and kind of all the zodiac signs. Those who are a born Pisces are happiest when they can help others. In any way, shape, or form, your generous spirit desires to please and take care of others. You are born swimmers both literally and emotionally. You choose to flow through life as seamlessly as possible, making as little waves and upsetting as few people as possible. While you can be misinterpreted as being a pushover, you are much stronger than you portray. In fact, you'll never show your true skill, strengths, or talents until you are highly encouraged to do so. Your humble nature is beyond that of any other sign.

You are highly emotional, almost to a fault, as you feel the pain and suffering of not only your own emotions but also of those close to you. It's important to not take everything so personally. Most people don't think about others feelings as much as you do Pisces. It's important for you to choose who you lend your heart to as those more selfish signs will take advantage of you forever, because you will continue to give to them. As a giver, you must set strong limits for yourself, because the takers that surround you certainly won't.

When you do find people truly worth showing your generosity to, they are in for a real treat. You will go above and beyond to spoil them in the most imaginative ways. You'll always try and spoil others as much as you'd like to be spoiled. Even though you don't ever want to come across as demanding, it's okay to share with those close to you exactly what you want or expect from them.

Which perfume matches someone that has a heart of gold? We recommend ​CK Euphoria Endless, a light breeze of cherry blossom, refreshed with mandarin and bergamot. Its pastel rose and violet form the day-dream inspired heart of the perfume, and it's followed by its gentle and sensual base of bamboo, sandalwood and musk scent that exposes the innocence and elegance of the female Pisces. Another alternative would the ​Lancôme Hypnose, a sunny, woodsy, oriental fragrance with gourmand nuances! For the male Pisces, ​BVLGARI Man exudes the energy and refreshment that you bring to those around you. With top notes of lotus, bergamot, violet leaf and white pear; the middle notes are vetyver, woodsy notes, sandalwood, amber, cashmere wood and cypriol oil or nagarmotha; and final base notes of benzoin, musk, tonka bean and white honey that will suit you perfectly. 


The life of a Sagittarian is never a dull one. With a heightened interest in all things spiritual or philosophical they are constantly on a mission to learn and experience more. Each experience has a lesson and no Sagittarian will let that lesson go unnoticed. You take in every breath with a grateful heart and can’t wait to see what the day has to bring. Your athletic prowess will often take you on adventures that most couldn’t even dream of. The adrenaline of having a new experience under your belt is only trumped by your excitement to share the story with others over and over again. You are lucky that your social skills allow you to share detailed stories in a way that intrigues and includes your audience, bottom line- you are one great story teller.

Your free spirit and desire to educate yourself often leads you to exploring different religions throughout your life. While you may have a strong belief in one, you will always keep an open mind when hearing about others. You like to have expansive knowledge and understanding of all subjects relating to religion and look forward to sharing your opinions with others. Be cautious when debating these sensitive subjects though Sagittarian, your mouth is often quicker than your brain and you don’t want to say something hurtful just because you haven’t taken the time to phrase it properly.

Your ambition and love of adventure are amazing traits to have, but your biggest downfall here is that these fun distractions often take you away from the more mundane and boring tasks in your life. Stay focused though, because these tasks are essential and need to be taken care of.

To keep up with your ambitious sense of adventure, we recommend Roberto Cavalli Exotica. This brand new perfume promises an escape to exotic destinations with selected ingredients – mango, frangipani flowers and creamy sandalwood. The new perfume carries the same beautiful essence as other versions, and is crowned with an exotic union of sweet fruit, tropic flowers and creamy, warm wood in the base. For a rare and subtle scent that boasts adventure and sophistication in the Sagittarian man, we recommend Dior Homme


Scorpio, your no nonsense, black and white approach to life scares many, but rest assured that we know you have the best intentions at heart. Your journey in life is all about understanding those around you. While you may appear somewhat awkward or shy in some social settings it is because you don’t like to chit chat and dance around the important questions, you want answers! You are a very strong listener, and people admire that quality in you. You are one of the few signs that genuinely care about the answers you hear and base the remainder of your conversation on where they take you.

Your desire to understand those around you allows you to get to the bottom of issues faster than many other signs. Your strong intuition always seems to give you the answers you need, and your investigative skills work in hand to prove that you were right all along. You’re smart enough to use your intense awareness of people and situations around you to your advantage when it comes to competition in work or play. You want to win, and will use every resource you can pull together to pull it off. You know that victory doesn’t happen by chance, so you structure your life in a very particular manner that other more laid back signs can find overbearing and frankly not all that fun. Try and relax a little bit more this month and let those around you take you on their journey for once. Your passion for life and adventure has the possibility to overpower your need for structure if you’re willing to let it.

When it comes to love Scorpios tend to stick to their overbearing ways. You have what you want and you aren’t going to easily let it go. That’s desirable for some signs, that passion and devotion can even be appealing, so make sure that you have a sign that is compatible with you or they’ll feel like you’re suffocating them.

For the Scorpio man, your structured and straight up approach to life pairs nicely with a woody floral perfume from Dior called ​Farenheit. The top notes of Top notes are lavender, mandarin orange, hawthorn, nutmeg flower, and cedar will bring out the gentle kindness in you. For the Scorpio female we recommend Hermes Jour Jour d`Hermes Absolu, a flower scent that is just as pure and positive as you are, a floral declaration in the absolute, a radiant profusion of flowers, voluptuous and sensual, enjoy.


As a cautious, practical and rock solid Taurus you may take more time than most making decisions, but once you do your commitment and persistence shine through. Often times you’re so set on your newly chosen path that you fail to take in the opinion of others, their honest input isn’t always bad, so try and keep an open mind even when you have a safe route chosen. You have a high energy level when it comes to completing your goals, but it’s often paired with a strong sense of pride, the ram in you doesn’t always value external input as it should, but saying that, sometimes when you’re right, you’re right! Others trying to help you complete a project often come across as meddlers to you, but remember, every now and then they may have a good idea!

You’re likely not one for change and have no problem sitting back and enjoying things as they are. You’re especially keen on the finer things in life, and could live a life of pure relaxation and luxury without the bat of an eye. You take in your experiences with your emotions rather than your mind, and have the same mindset when it comes to relationships- always putting your heart into building strong lasting friendships and love affairs. You’re always the reliable mate that can be counted on, and you’ll go above and beyond to follow through with your word when it comes to helping those you care about, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Despite your reluctance to change, and hard headed manner in completing things yourself from start to finish you are actually quite sensitive, but this trait can be missed by those not close to you. People often pick up on your patience, kind heart and perseverance above all of your other traits.

To combat your often visible hard headedness we recommend a light, sunny and energetic scent by Marc Jacobs, Honey. This perfume will be an amazing blend on you, with pear, mandarin and honeysuckle to even you out and bring a bright floral essence to your aura. Another perfume option to accentuate your strong sense of love and compassion is the Salvador Dali Itislove. The beautifully classy round bottle shows a passionate kiss in the middle and its floral bouquet, amber accents, and Turkish Rose essential oil gives this perfume a scent that will have you indulging in the luxurious life you want to live, with an affordable price that keeps you in your comfort zone.


Nothing ever goes unnoticed by the keen Virgo.  You pick up on the smallest details that the majority of other signs wouldn’t even think twice about; from noticing a co-worker’s haircut to the office switching pen brands, you’ve picked up on it. Your sharp and analytical approach to life doesn’t leave room for surprises. You have everything planned, and that’s exactly how you like it. Your highly organized personality can be found annoying to other signs with less a less structured lifestyle.  You know exactly what you’re going to do every day of the week and probably even have your outfits pre-planned. Your home is kept meticulously clean, and your office doesn’t have a pen out of place. While being so organized can be frustrating to others, you honestly don’t understand how people can survive without a well thought out to-do list. For this reason, people love to be on your team when it comes to group projects and team work assignments. Your colleagues and close friends always rely on you to have things planned out, and know you won’t be afraid to tell them exactly what they need to do.

You have extremely high standards, and you’ve heard more than once that they are unrealistic.  However you fail to understand why others can’t live up to the same standards that you hold yourself to. You are your toughest critic, so remember that it’s okay to let things slide sometimes. You’re about as close to perfect as you can get, but be sure your life doesn’t revolve around being completely perfect, people can fall in love with your flaws too.

It’s okay to have your day, week, month, year, and life thought out and planned, but make sure that there is a little bit of room for spontaneity as well. Let loose every once in a while and toss your to-do list out the window Virgo!

A safe and reliable scent is something that a Virgo needs, Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau So Freshis a fruity floral perfume that is just the right amount of fun for the steady Virgo.  Its top notes of grapefruit, green, raspberry and pear are a calming combination and the middle notes of jasmine, rose, violet, litchi and apple blossom provide just enough spunk when calmed with base notes of musk, Virginia cedar and plum. A male Virgo requires something strong and stable like them, the Terre d`Hermes Parfum by Hermes highlights your character perfectly with top notes of grapefruit and orange and woodsy base notes that reflect your perfection driven nature.