Perfume Masterclass in Paddington

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  • Perfume Masterclass
  • Perfume Masterclass
  • Perfume Masterclass in Paddington
  • Perfume Masterclass
  • Perfume Masterclass
  • Perfume Masterclass in Paddington

Indulge in one hour or two evening of opulence.

City perfume would like to invite you in joining us for a very special Perfume Masterclass

Let our perfume specialist take your noses on an indulgent and inspiring fragrance journey where you will be;

  • Introduced to some of the world’s finest luxury and niche fragrances created by the world’s most renowned perfumers.
  • Given a brief history on perfume from its very beginning till its current modern presence.
  • Equipped with the knowledge to distinguish between various cents and learn of there origins.
  • Introduced to famous perfume expert and writer Michael Edwards and his definition of the fragrance world.
  • Shown how to choose the right fragrance for you and your partner
  • Given a demonstration on how to apply perfume correctly
  • Cost is $49.00 pp redeemable in store on any purchases over $100.00. You will also receive a free gift bag full of goodies and as an introductory special offer every paying attendee can also bring with them one guest free of charge.
  • Bookings are essential and tickets to the event can be purchased at the centers information desk, at City Perfume located on Level 1 next to Pandora, or on our website.
  • please specify any guest that you will be bringing along, at time of booking.

Perfume is inspiring, indulgent and arguably the most potent of aphrodisiacs. The goddess Aphrodite was said to have bathed in the sweet resins of flowers plucked by Eros (Cupid) from the garden of mount Olympus and every day the earth’s air was filed with this divine aroma which was responsible for inspiring love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation amongst the mortals.

 Join us and immerse yourself in the world that is perfume

Suite 1, 30-38 Victoria Street, Paddington NSW 2021

Minimum 8 people per class. Full payment required for class upon booking which is non-refundable. This class run on the first Friday of every month. It will start at 6pm and finishes at 7pm

RSVP is essentials, Phone us today 02 -97734202 or email us your booking to

City Perfume sells 100% original and authentic products. As an authorised retailer of the brand, the official distributor or direct manufacturer guarantee the authentication of this product.