For 190 years, Guerlain has been exploring, innovating, and fascinating, in perfume, skincare and make-up. Bold creators, mythical creations, and a unique know-how, transmitted and perpetuated, generation after generation. The culture of beauty, day after day. Guerlain is a promise of happiness and radiant beauty, a philosophy built around beauty. Guerlain has managed to keep its originality over time by creating a whole range of men’s and women's perfumes.

Today, the Guerlain brand offers a wide range of fragrances, among which the essential men's fragrance Habit Rouge.  Guerlain, the inventor of modern perfumery, has left his mark and still marks generations of women and men thanks to his broad and diverse, fresh and oriental scents and perfumes. City Perfume online store offers you Guerlain perfumes at very affordable prices.

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