Women Body Care

keeping your skin clean, moist and healthy is very important for your overall wellbeing. Body care products for women on cityperfume.com include body lotion for women and body creams, but also deodorants for women, shower oils for women, anti-cellulite products, firming products, peels, soaps and care for the hands and nails. We only sell quality products and feature brands that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Men Body Care

Men also want to take care of their appearance! The men body care products section on cityperfume.com offers you exactly what you need to take care of your face, body and hair! We offer products for a perfect shave and hair care, skin creams, shower gels, deodorant spray, shaving products, moisturizing lotions and a wide selection of fragrances, antiperspirants, deodorant spray for men, shaving balm and body lotion for men.