The very luxurious Parfums de Marly niche perfumes are inspired by the time of Louis XV, a king particularly known for his passion for fragrances. He was very fond of extravagant perfumes of rich composition and great intensity. He also wanted the scent in his room to be different every day and greatly appreciated the scent fountains. Parfums de Marly revive the atmosphere of the receptions and parties that took place at the Château de Marly to the delight of members of the royal court. Apart from the return to the tradition of the art of traditional perfumery, the Parfums de Marly brand is also a true tribute to prestigious racehorses.

Horses that Louis XV adored enormously. Each of the brand's fragrances bears the name and character of one of the exceptional breeds of horses that could be found at the French court. Each fragrance from Parfums de Marly like Herod, Oajan or Pegasus conceals all the charm of French history. Immerse yourself in the rich, high-quality essences that were used during the heyday of perfumery in the 18th century.

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