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Do you dream of a healthy glow and a fresh, natural-looking skin even in the cold days? With the right blush palette, you will achieve a perfect complexion in a few minutes only. Find the best blush palette in Australia on and give your skin tone the right color and the ideal glow.


Fancy a well-tanned skin even during winter months? With a quality bronzer, you will achieve a tanned complexion and you will find it hard to convince those around you that you haven’t been on a beach vacation. The bronzer is also perfect for marking the contour of the face.  Shop liquid bronzer and cream bronzer from Lancôme and Makeup Studio on, your address for face bronzers.


Do you want your face to be always perfect, free from dark circles under the eyes, without dark spots, redness and discolorations?  Nothing is easier thanks to the full coverage concealers available on Try out the unique skin tone correctors and makeup concealers we offer! Choose from a wide range of shades from quality brands such as Lancôme or Makeup Studio and see your face transform into a flawless masterpiece!


New generation foundations are light and let the skin breathe. In addition to being easy to apply and pleasant on the face, they do not create a mask effect. If you have dry skin, you can use a liquid foundation. These makeup foundation products give a natural and light result. If imperfections persist, you can use a stick foundation to correct them locally. If you are looking for full coverage, try the new generation of powder foundations. They are applied with a sponge and have a soft, easy-to-apply texture.


An essential makeup base, face primers smoothen and unify the face and prepare it for the application of the foundation. Thanks to these makeup primers, the application of makeup becomes easier and the makeup lasts much longer.  Distribute the primer evenly over the entire surface of the face, massaging with the fingertips. Primers are suitable for all skin types. Oily, dry, sensitive or normal, all skin types benefit from its smoothing and protective effect under the makeup. Shop Lancôme and Makeup Studio primers at City Perfume now!


As the name suggests, the highlighter highlights certain areas or the face. While contouring involves creating shadows on the face to restructure it, the illuminator brightens key areas to highlight them. We can distinguish between the highlighter stick, the liquid illuminator and the highlighter powder. Highlighters are available in several shades to suit your skin tone: white complexion illuminator for fair skin tones, beige for warm skin tones, rosé for cold skin tones and gold for darker skin tones.

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