Our Exchange Policy

Please choose wisely as refunds for change of mind are not offered. Exchanges can be organised within 20 days of receiving item, but all shipping costs and price differences must be covered by the customer. Under the Australian Consumer law, you may have the right to return/exchange an item if you believe the item to be faulty. This right is not limited by a defined time frame.

When exchanging items, replacement items will be dispatched once original items are received back by City Perfume. Item must be in original condition, including but not limited to all plastic seals and wrappers, labels, stickers, etc. for item to be exchanged. Once a perfume has been opened and/or sprayed all returns are strictly prohibited.

If you believe you have been sent an incorrect item, contact City Perfume and they will rectify any possible mistakes. Do not, under any circumstances break the plastic seal or spray a perfume you believe to be the incorrect item. If this occurs, City Perfume are unable to accept the return for health and safety reasons.

If any item is returned to City Perfume for a genuine reason, product will be meticulously inspected, along with watermarking and barcodes to ensure its authenticity.

All items are dispatched unused, undamaged and in original condition. If there are any aesthetic imperfections on your item before being sent, you will be contacted by staff prior to dispatch.

If item has been broken during delivery, please keep all packaging, including the packaging it was sent it. City Perfume will require images of the broken item and the relevant packaging. City Perfume may require you to take the entirety of the parcel, including what it was sent and wrapped in, to a post office for further inspection.

In the case that an item is faulty, City Perfume may deem it necessary to send the item back to the manufacturer or their service agent for an assessment; this will be done promptly within a reasonable time period. In this case, if the item is deemed faulty by the manufacturer you may then be given a refund or exchange, depending on the situation and judgement of City Perfume.

If the item is damaged through misuse or abnormal use of the product, as defined by City Perfume, the manufacturer or their service agent, City Perfume will not provide a refund or exchange.

City Perfume will require satisfactory proof of purchase before providing a remedy under the Australian Consumer Law.