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Did you know that lipstick is the most admired makeup on a woman?

There is no other product that changes facial expression as dramatically as lipstick. On, you will find quality lipstick makeup in several shades: choose yours by clicking on the product variants. Quality lipsticks do not fade and last a very long time. If you're still in doubt and can't make up your mind, know that the classic red hue will never go out of style, even decades from now. For liquid lipsticks Australia, shop online on City Perfume today!

Lip Gloss

It has been proven that the lips are the second part of our face that people first look at, just after the eyes. On you will find a large selection of long-lasting lip gloss. Some lip glosses also contain vitamins, nourishing oils, natural extracts and antioxidants that make lips smooth and help reduce wrinkles. Regular use of a quality treatment prevents sagging lips and their dehydration. A pink lip gloss will give you colorful, full, soft and seductive lips. Choose a versatile nude lip gloss to match every outfit you have and every occasion you attend!

Lip Liner

To simply redefine the outline of your lips or to use it as lipstick by filling your lips, the lip liner selection on City Perfume has all possible lip liner colors to meet all our needs. Keep it in your handbag to make touch-ups everywhere. Choose it in combo with your lipstick or lip gloss to ensure a long hold. Opt for a red, nude or pink pencil, depending on the natural color of your lips for a luscious mouth or in perfect harmony with your pink lip gloss or nude lip gloss for a controlled glow.