American fashion designer Ralph Lauren was born on October 14, 1939 in New York City where he grew up in the Bronx. Working in a tie factory inspired him to create his own designs. In 1967, he founded his own company. From the start, the Ralph Lauren brand was characterized by a very rich style reminiscent of the English aristocracy. His first store opened in 1971 in Beverlly Hills, the first in a list that has grown to date, from London to Paris, including Shanghai.

Ralph Lauren perfume emerged in the late 1970s to become an important part of the business. Inside every bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume, we can feel his perseverance and sense of timelessness. Ralph Lauren Australia offers clear and subtle masculine aromas. Choose from a variety of soft Ralph Lauren fragrances or powerful Ralph Lauren cologne with woody notes, and find the scent that will elegantly complement your everyday style.

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