Rabanne perfumes focus on luxury, quality and thoughtful extravagance. The aromatic compositions hidden in unique bottles are just as original as the life and work of the fashion designer who gave his name to his fragrances. Rabanne is the pseudonym that made Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo so successful. This Spanish native grew up in France where he worked in many fashion houses before creating his own in 1966. His eclectic models in non-traditional materials quickly made an impression and the brand quickly opened up to the world.

The first Rabanne perfume was released 3 years later. It was quickly followed by several dozen perfumes for men and women. The Rabanne fragrances, with their first essentially floral notes, are gradually supplemented with woody and spicy ingredients, which give the whole a certain dose of ardor and sex appeal. These are also characteristics present in the legendary Rabanne 1 Million.

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