Founded in 2015, Initio Parfums Privés is a French luxury perfumery brand with a powerful, opulent, tenacious and emotionally charged charisma. Freed from codes and trends, it re-enchants fragrance through five collections, and makes it a true insider's delight, a sort of protective talisman capable of anything when it mingles with the scent of the skin: "ignite" the imagination, drive away bad luck, reinforce desire, envelop the wearer in a protective bubble or an aura of positive energy.

Initio and initio parfums Australia offer four unisex fragrances: “Side Effect”, “Atomic Rose”, “Psychedelic Love”, and “High Frequency”. Exceptional and intense perfumes that blend in with the energy of the Oud vibes with "Black Gold Project", "Oud for Greatness" and "Oud for Happiness"; all very concentrated in oil of natural oud, the finest in the world.

Initio parfums has also imagined the "Hedonist" collection, an intimate olfactory experience whose vibrations elevate the body and the mind with two perfume-mantras that take you to another dimension: that of self-fulfillment. As well as the “Absolutes” collection which, plunging deep into ancestral memories of perfume, celebrates the indescribable powers of intoxicating substances. Initio also offers “Blessed Baraka”, “Absolute Aphrodisiac”, “Addictive Vibration”, “Mystic Experience”, and “Magnetic Blend 7” perfume, from the “Magnetic Blend” collection - a subtle fragrance that merges with the natural body odor in order to reveal it.

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