Meo Fusciuni parfum is an independent Italian fragrance brand founded in 2010 by Giuseppe Imprezzabile. This Sicilian chemist by trade, specializing in medicinal plants, shares his vision of perfume which traces his own journeys, both interior and physical.

The brand name Meo Fusciuni comes from his native Sicilian dialect, it was his father's nickname. The artist uses his past as a basis that influences his work today, as well as his curiosity and interest in cultures. It tends to represent in its perfumes different aspects of the human soul.

Giuseppe spent his childhood with plants, in the serene silence of nature. Once again in the world of niche perfumery, an atypical journey for a perfumer. Indeed, it was after having studied herbalism and having worked for many years in aromatherapy, that this self-taught man almost involuntarily set foot in perfume, this sudden passion revealed by his travels. The artist aims to put the fragrance back at the center of attention, by highlighting the poetry of molecules before the olfactory pyramid.

For him, creating is an art. Passionate about anthropology and poetry, he makes a careful selection of raw and precious raw materials from around the world, to find the starting point for his creations. He creates an olfactory poem that revives emotions and sensations experienced where each soul can find itself. Find your favorite perfume Australia on City Perfume!

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