Our Guide to Perfume and Buying Online

The History of Perfume

Fragrances are almost as old as civilization itself.  We do know the oldest evidence of perfume making dates to the Bronze Age - nearly 4,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians distilled botanical fragrances like attar and lily not only to smell better, but as a sign of social status.

Perfume has since evolved from basic distillations of plants and essential oils into what we have today – a thriving multi-billion dollar industry.


The Science

OK, we’ll keep this short. Science has demonstrated that our olfactory (sense of smell) is our oldest evolved sense. Perhaps of more interest, the human nose (where all of this stems from) can detect more than 1 trillion individual odours!


The Association

Most of us know about fragrance association. But did you know that smells can evoke emotions and memories faster than we have the ability to identify them?

Think about it. A whiff or scent of sunscreen can instantly summon memories of youthful, lazy summer days at the beach while a particular perfume can create a remarkably strong association with a person and place.


The Wheel

Developed in 1983, the fragrance wheel was an exercise to map out the connections between groups or ‘families’ of scents. The key scents areas were: Floral. Oriental. Woody. Fresh.

Now if you are wondering what the point was, it was to identify key fragrance groups and how they could be further broken into a range of characters to show how one family or group blends into another.

Here’s an example (and one you’ll recognise if you’ve ever read wine tasting notes).

“The aromatic Fougere Family is the universal fragrance family with sexy-cool warm notes of citrus and lavender, sweet spices and oriental woods. Their zesty masculine character and the blend of fresh, floral and woody notes, make this fragrance appealing to both men and women.”


The Attraction

Ok, the wheel says appealing to both sexes, so let's look at that. While we can discuss pheromone attraction endlessly, a recent study in the UK found some more interesting outcomes. The men in the study who wore cologne were significantly more attractive to women than those that didn’t. In a similar study, women wearing perfume were also significantly more attractive to men than those that didn’t. What’s interesting is that each group could not smell the other so it came down to the fact that those wearing a fragrance felt more confident.

So put simply, wearing a fragrance you like will make you feel better about yourself and consequently make you more attractive to others!


The differences between perfume, parfum & toilette

We have heard the terms but how many actually know what they mean ?

A quick lesson.

In essence, each represents a different ‘concentration’ of actual oil.

  • PerfumeParfum or Extrait is the most concentrated, longest-lasting fragrance form with 30-80% of perfume oil.

  • Parfum de Toilette, Eau de Toilette and Cologne is lighter with a level of fragrance anywhere from 4 to 18%. 


Why buy Perfume Online?

For many, we already know which perfume we want to buy. Our favourite brand, a recommendation, a TV ad or we simply just asked someone as they walked past, "what fragrance is that?". Buying perfume online from a trusted retailer means you can get the best possible price without leaving home, without parking and without the hassle. Each of our perfume's arrive with samples we think you'll love too - which means you get to try something new every time.