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The sign of a sophisticated fragrance is that it has a complex ‘accord’ of ingredients rather than just a few strong fruity ingredients.

A perfumer typically describes the ‘accord’ of a fragrance using a ‘fragrance triangle’ (top, heart, base) to classify the ingredients they have used in a perfume, according to their volatility. Top notes are the most volatile and base notes the least. The heart sits at the centre of the perfume and is its very essence.

A Perfume Accord Is Like A Melody

To illustrate this further, a couture perfume may be compared with a melody.

The character of a perfume can be described using this metaphor in which fragrance 'notes' develop according to their volatility and combine to create a harmonious perfume composition.

Like music, it has an accord of deep base notes, middle notes which are its heart and top note accents which capture us and draw us in.

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