Everyone loves to smell great. Here are the best long-lasting perfumes for women and for Women to keep you feeling fresh and sophisticated.

The pleasant smell of a person, be it a man or a woman, should not be overlooked. It has the potential to grab the attention of a passer-by within a mere second. Your smell, your gestures, the way you speak and dress, all help express who you are. Your scented skin has the strong power of seduction that would be a shame not to exploit. Nonetheless, a fragrance that doesn't last throughout the day is frustrating.


This is why we have rounded up the best long-lasting perfumes for men, and the best long-lasting perfumes for women, so you can smell great all day and all night.





 Rightfully named after Eros, the Greek God of love, we guarantee you will fall head over heels for Versace Eros for Men thanks to the woody, oriental and fresh notes. It envelops you in a fascinating scent that emphasizes your masculinity and gives you the right dose of self-confidence.

A sensual fragrance for men inspired by Erós, the god of love, perfect for everyday use or special occasions

 Notes of Italian mandarin and lemon, mint oil, and delicious candied apple; gourmet vanilla, geranium, exotic tonka bean, and ambroxan. The base of this fragrance, which remains on your skin for a long time, is carried by the warm notes of sandalwood and cedar, but also by vetiver, patchouli, and vanilla.

 Versace Eros was created in 2012. Its olfactory composition evoking the god of love is the creation of perfumer Aurélien Guichard. The bottle of this perfume is adorned with the medusa head, typical of the Versace brand.



davidoff cool water
Strong, free, intrepid... these are the qualities of Cool Water by Davidoff man. The blue bottle combines power and the elegance of the sea to create a truly mesmerizing fragrance.
The intensely refreshing aromatic fragrance for modern men to wear every day
Mint, rosemary, the elegant lavender and slightly tangy coriander seeds, as well as a flowery and spicy heart that softens the whole composition and gives it great appeal. Jasmine, neroli, geranium and sandalwood accords blend elegantly. The base notes of musk, amber, cedarwood and tobacco give this fragrance a bewitching and unforgettable scent. Davidoff Cool Water is one of the most popular perfumes for men, a popularity that the brand has maintained since its launch in 1988. It reflects the story of a man who never ceases to bravely face the raging waves of the sea to emerge ever stronger, overflowing with new energy.



Don't be afraid to stand out and steal the spotlight as you indulge in the unique sensation of masculinity with Giorgio Armani's Acqua DI Gio. The perfect fragrance for men who are simply defined by freedom.

very refreshing citrus olfactory composition the scent of freedom, and the force of wind and water perfect for the spring and summer months.

Acqua di Gio presents a perfect harmony between sweet and salty notes of seawater and sun rays that caress the skin. The luminous essences of bergamot, lemon, orange, and lime guarantee a true splash of freshness. The flowery heart of this fragrance is complemented by marine notes and aromatic nutmeg. The final notes are carried by white musk, cedar, and patchouli from Indonesia.

Be seen exactly the way you want to be seen. Show the world that you are strong, free, and full of sex appeal! Draw your self-confidence in the Acqua di Gio fragrance, created for the man who isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd.



Creed Aventus was launched in 2010, a fragrance inspired by the eventful life of an illustrious emperor who, accompanied by his horse, waged war, peace, and love in his own way. Creed Aventus is the most popular fragrance in Creed history.

Creed fragrances have been worn with pride by famous historical figures of pure luxury, a timeless and modern approach to historical heritage. Creed prefers the highest quality natural ingredients over synthetic substances.

A Chypre fruity fragrance with top notes of pineapple, bergamot, blackcurrant, and apple; middle notes of birch, patchouli, Moroccan jasmine, and rose, and base notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris, and Vanilla.

Beyond its long and famous history, the Creed brand is highly regarded for the use of an ancient technique of processing precious materials selected for the manufacture of its unparalleled fragrances.  A masculine scent that is also loved by women, and a fragrance that celebrates strength, energy, vision, and success.



Masculine freedom in an aromatic-woody fragrance with a captivating trail. A timeless, nonconformist fragrance, contained in an enigmatic blue bottle. The rebellious spirit of a man who refuses uniformity and breaks free from all codes. its composition reveals a masculine spirit, master of his own destiny, for the independent and determined man, the self-assertive and unpredictable character. An aromatic-woody fragrance with amber and musky notes. A sensual interpretation, in which dry amber cedar notes bring sensuality and voluptuousness. Musky woody notes and New Caledonian sandalwood give it elegance and depth. Launched in the summer of 2010, Chanel Bleu de Chanel is a fragrance dedicated to men. Symbol of freshness, freedom, and elegance, Chanel Bleu de Chanel praises the free man with subtle and woody accords, becoming the perfume of choice for the revolutionaries who refuse to follow rules. A rebellious, sharp, and persistent freshness that has conquered free-spirited men with exceptional raw materials for a virile and irresistible sensuality.




Designed as a stroll in the heart of a lush garden and envisioned as a thriving, diverse paradise of flowers, Gucci Bloom is a fragrance that blossoms as its name suggest. Capturing the spirit of the contemporary, diverse, and authentic women of Gucci, it was created to unfold, just like the petals of a flower.

A sexy and romantic scent with the absolute femininity of flowers, particularly suitable for everyday wear, transports the wearer to the real garden that inspired it

The natural notes of tuberose and jasmine leave an intense and unexpected floral trail on the skin. Rangoon Creeper, a flower discovered in southern India diffuses a powdery floral scent, changing from white to pink and then to red when it blooms.

Capturing the contemporary spirit, diversity, and authenticity of Gucci women, Bloom is the first fragrance from artistic director Alessandro Michele for the house of Gucci. “The idea for Bloom was born from flowers because I’m obsessed with flowers; flower essences are part of an ancient world. Bloom is about a stroll in a garden, and a memory of what accompanies that walk.” – Alessandro Michele



When the energy of black coffee electrifies an armful of white flowers with assertive femininity, the result is Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, the first floral coffee by Yves Saint Laurent. Vibrant, sensual, and addictive, it reveals the mysterious and delicious facets of vanilla. Electric black, incandescent heart, radical lines, troubling, fascinating, with a unique spangled texture, free and self-confident, the Black Opium woman is always searching for new experiences. Assertive and unique, the Black Opium woman embodies the new Yves Saint Laurent spirit. The perfume has top notes of par accord and mandarin essence. It features middle notes of orange blossom and absolute jasmine. When it comes to the base notes, they’re black coffee accord, vanilla absolute, and patchouli. Follow your desires and your instincts, break the rules and take charge of your uniqueness. Powerful and independent with magnetic beauty, the Black Opium woman shapes her life according to her own rules. Charismatic and sensual, she awakens desire and hypnotizes the crowd everywhere she goes.



This perfume is designed for a woman who is seductive but does not reveal her full potential to just anyone. Intriguing, she becomes even more fascinating. So, how about immersing yourself in this scent and unraveling its mystery?

Exotic, sensual, elusive, celebrates the alluring facet of the black orchid, intense notes, and a glamorous bottle.

Black Orchid Eau De Parfum opens with black truffle and ylang-ylang, and a touch of bergamot and bitter orange. Rum-soaked, sweet black plum surrounds the perfume's black orchid extract, while woody patchouli and creamy vanilla wrap the orchid in rich warmth.

Tom Ford once said: "Nothing is more desirable than what is unattainable".

As the name suggests, Black Orchid is a tribute to the black orchid. But what is it exactly? This flower can only be discovered by those able to see its beauty. Exalting an astonishing sensuality, endowed with a sober and mysterious elegance, Black Orchid fascinates. 



versace crystal
Versace Bright Crystal is pure, magical essence. Its purpose is to make women even more gorgeous than they already are. Fresh, sensual, and floral, Versace Bright Crystal appears like a pure and precious diamond. An exceptional jewel in the form of perfume, Versace Bright Crystal is undoubtedly one of the most feminine and luxurious fragrances from the house of Versace. A sweet fragrance with floral and fruity accents and a vibrant trail of musk and mahogany. You will first feel fresh, yet marked yuzu accents, followed by frosty accords and juicy pomegranate. Later, the Versace Bright Crystal fragrance awakens a pleasant flowery enchantment, where the intense essences of peony and magnolia are perfectly balanced with the lotus flower. This olfactory composition finally becomes very warm thanks to the base notes which mix musk and honeyed amber with woody accords. Discover the Versace Bright Crystal fragrance, a true jewel of perfumery. The remarkable cap of this bottle represents an elegantly polished gemstone that reminds us that the fashion house Versace also specialises in jewelry.


The essence of a free and daring woman. A feminine oriental fragrance with a voluptuous composition that is surprisingly fresh. A rebellious fragrance in an iconic hand-blown bottle. Inspired by the life of Gabrielle Chanel, a sparkling oriental fragrance that awakens the senses, irresistibly sexy, irrepressible spirit. Bright and fresh sparks of orange form an absolutely modern composition with a strong yet surprisingly fresh character. The clear and sensual heart reveals transparent accords of jasmine and rose. Features refined accents of patchouli and vetiver, jasmine and May rose. Delicate flowers add sensuality, enriched by the precious accents of the iris of Florence. The fragrance asserts itself as the olfactory echo of an independent spirit that breaks free from codes to better create its own. Perfect for any woman ready to be in control of her life and boldly write her own destiny.

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