Born on a 27th of a month in the year 1987, Romy Kowalewski founded the 27 87 brand in 2006. Based in Barcelona, the German-born designer partners with internationally renowned perfume creators like Mark Buxton to create 2787 perfumes and fragrances that reflect the contemporary spirit of the new world. In order to select the highest quality ingredients, the designer works with local artisans who create fragrances that are both sustainable and minimalist: the 2787 Perfumes Barcelona. Through her creations, the designer of the 2787 Perfumes Barcelona brand, Kowalewski designates a NOW, evoking a visionary "here and now". Her bestseller perfume #Hashtag, is inspired by digitization and the current digital age, while her Genetic Bliss fragrance designates our DNA and therefore the very essence of who we are.

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