Amouage luxury fragrances stand out for their extreme exception and simply unique elegance. This independent brand of very luxurious niche perfumes is now based in London, but its origins are in the Middle East. Amouage draws its inspiration from the richness and diversity of the heritage of its place of creation, the Sultanate of Oman. The brand was founded in 1983 by His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud Al Busaid, a member of the Omani royal family, eager to renew the glory of Arab perfumes. The brand's philosophy is to create fragrances with real artistic value. Amouage rigorously selects the best quality exotic ingredients, including silver frankincense, exceptional rose or Oman's myrrh. Amouage perfumes are made in the Provencal town of Grasse, the perfume capital. This undeniably constitutes a guarantee of compliance with the highest standards. The production itself takes place in Oman where the ingredients macerate for about 2 months. Finally, all Amouage perfumes are subject to very high quality controls before being manually packaged.

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