Unisex perfume is a new growing trend. That’s how Atelier Versace fragrances were conceived; to satisfy the tastes of both men and women alike. Atelier Versace's absolute dedication to excellence is embodied in fragrances deriving from exceptional quality components, innovative techniques and unrivalled craftsmanship. These exceptional creations use noble and high quality raw materials like citrus from Italy, centifolia rose from Morocco, jasmine from India, sandalwood and vanilla from Madagascar. The know-how and excellence of the Versace house are added to these raw materials to give birth to an explosion of exceptional scents for you to indulge in!

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The Atelier Versace Eau de Parfum collection embodies an absolute dedication to perfume, to the age-old tradition of perfumery and to unrivalled craftsmanship.

Atelier Versace perfume is available in five fragrances : Atelier Versace Safran Royal, Santal Boise, Vanille Rouge, Eclat De Rose and Tabac Imperial, yours to discover on City Perfume

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