Atkinsons is one of the most prestigious perfume houses in the world. It was founded in London in the year 1799 by James Atkinson, the official perfumer of the British royal family.

The brand has 4 basic fragrance lines, each Atkinsons perfume corresponding to a different personality style:

- The Emblematic Collection: A revelation of endless elegance that defines classic British style. This collection includes Atkinsons first creation, 24 Old Bond Street cologne with fresh, rich and long-lasting notes of juniper, rose and black tea.

- The Legendary Collection: A collection inspired by real stories. It includes The Nuptial Bouquet, inspired by true romance and Queen Victoria's nuptial bouquet. This fragrance presents notes of green sap of lily of the valley and violet leaves embellished with a ringing of bells, leading to the scent of lily of the valley and the flower of Myrtle.

-The Oud Collection: This collection reveals the secret of oriental royalty tinged with an English touch. It is made up of fragrances such as Oud Save the Queen, which elevates the oud to the paroxysm of femininity and sensuality.

- The Contemporary Collection: A definitely modern line with various interpretations of the most popular ingredients of traditional English perfumery. Lemon, ginger and cedar wood stand out among its notes.

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