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Italian brand Bottega Veneta has become famous for its traditional artisanal manufacture of hand-braided leather products. From its creation in 1966, it introduced a new definition of luxury and its first fragrance was released half a century later. Bottega Veneta perfumes are timeless, designed for exceptional women and brave men. They are characterized by some of the most precious and gentle ingredients in the world. The design of their bottles recalls the tradition of Venetian glassmaking, its timeless beauty and its pleasant simplicity.

Bottega Veneta parfum combines careful craftsmanship with thoughtful innovations to guarantee that each of its products is not only beautiful, but also perfectly functional. The aesthetic of Bottega Veneta is refined, sensual and intensely personal. The Bottega brand honors the individual and allows everyone who wears Bottega perfume to reveal their inner strength and self-confidence. It will mark the minds of all those who appreciate being exceptional and who love the luxury and sophistication of Italian fashion.

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