The first Burberry perfume was launched in 1981, a men's cologne referred to as Burberrys by Burberry, a classic, woody oriental fragrance, identified by the brand's emblematic Equestrian Knight logo. In 1991, in addition to the launch of Burberry's for Men, an oriental vanilla, the brand launched its first female-male duo with the perfumes Society for women and Society for men with the slogan: "You Were Born to It". The duo Burberry Men and Burberry Women appeared in 1995, from these original lines were born ephemeral summer fragrances; Burberry Summer, fresher fragrances with mostly fruity or aquatic notes. The year 1997 saw the launch of the duo Week-End, a floral for the feminine and a fresh citrus for the masculine, and in the year 2000 the duo Touch.

In 2003, the Burberry Brit line marks a significant reunion of perfume with the brand's universe, as the bottle was adorned with the Burberry tartan. The original duo will be joined by Brit Gold (2005), Brit Red (2004), Brit Sheer (2007), Brit Summer (2010) and Brit Rythm in 2015. 2006 is the year of the London duo, known by its bottle covered with Burberry tartan fabric. London to celebrate the city of London and its elegant and modern spirit. The Beat in 2008 celebrates British heritage, the energy of music and dance, in a bottle covered with white tartan and featuring a strap engraved with the Burberry logo, an ornament of Burberry accessories.

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