Bvlgari perfumes, born from the meeting between the jeweler and the perfumer, are the expression of contemporary Mediterranean elegance. The innovative spirit, the sense of magnificence and the mastery of colors are deeply rooted in the city of Rome. The jeweler-perfumer shapes the gems of nature by traveling across continents and drawing inspiration from the diversity of the planet to offer unique fragrances, developed by the most coveted master perfumers in the world.

Bvlgari perfumes and Bvlgari colognes include107 fragrances listed in our fragrance base. The oldest creation was launched in 1992 and the most recent dates from 2020. Bvlgari fragrances were made with the collaboration of perfumers Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas, Jacques Cavallier, Sophia Grojsman, Beatrice Piquet, Carlos Benaim, Sophie Labbe, Olivier Polge, Daniela (Roche) Andrier, Nathalie Lorson and Jean-Claude Ellena.

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