Chloe is the fashion label that invented bohemian chic. Through her daring and singular way of intellectualizing bohemian and romantic fashion, Gaby Aghion created in 1952 her Chloe fashion house. what is more, this great lady has always known how to surround herself with great styling talents but also, as we will see later in perfume, great talents in perfumery. Today, the Chloe brand remains a legendary house that offers the same romantic-chic-trendy spirit in all its fragrances ...

When you wear a Chloe perfume, you are not wearing Chloe. You are Chloe. A Romantic, classic, timeless fragrance.  Chloe perfumes express the personality of a modern woman, endowed with an innate sense of chic. Naturally sexy, the Chloe perfume woman confidently asserts her elegance and independence, moving around the world as it was her home.

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