Founded in 1941, Coach is an American luxury goods company founded in New York by Miles and Lilian Cahn. It has a strong presence in the world of luxury ready-to-wear, but also in the world of leather goods, jewelery and perfumery. Throughout the decades, the company has continued to progress and has managed to maintain its creative spirit, its urban style, its modern design and its high quality leather goods. Since the 2000s, the Coach house has diversified and designers are expanding their range by manufacturing accessories, shoes and even perfume.

In 2007, it was the first perfume for women that saw the light of day in collaboration with Estée Lauder. Chic, original and feminine fragrances are then born; fragrance creations intended for today's men and women: modern, free, independent. This spirit of contemporary authenticity is largely reflected in every Coach perfume.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the carriage brand, it is the actress Gwyneth Paltrow who becomes their muse. She perfectly symbolizes the Coach brand with her natural elegance and romantic femininity.

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