When Christian Dior created his fashion house in 1947, he imagined a new femininity, a total femininity to which nothing would be missing. Today, from dresses to accessories, from perfumes to lipsticks, to the most expert treatments, the Dior house sublimates the beauty of women and brings shine and modernity to it. The adventure of Dior perfume began at the same time as the creation of the brand, in 1947.

Christian Dior instantly realized that it was essential to accompany his most beautiful dresses with an intoxicating scent to perfect their femininity. From then on, Christian Dior perfumes stood out for their influence and their noble and rigorously selected raw materials. Today, Dior feminine perfumery benefits from more than 60 years of expertise and creation. It is now François Demachy, official nose of the brand, who works in this direction and who pursues with passion and audacity the work of his predecessors. Dior perfume Australia at your fingertips on our eshop!

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