When a Belgian perfumer goes into exile in Australia, the outcome is Goldfield & Banks! A true explorer, the creator of Goldfield & Banks perfumes discovered Australia and its breathtaking landscapes. Surprised with the abundance of unique raw materials, he wondered why only a few perfumers have embarked on the creation of Australian-made perfumes, he embarked on the adventure with a perfumer from Grasse. With French know-how and noble Australian materials, the result could only amaze us!

Goldfield & Banks luxury fragrances therefore pay homage to Australia. Goldfield & Banks perfume combines the most valuable ingredients with pure and natural essences from the different varieties that the Australian land has to offer, namely seeds, wood, flowers, lichen, resins, leaves and fruits. Created in Australia, Goldfield & Banks perfumes offer a modern and timeless collection of luxury perfumes for both men and women.

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