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The Missoni brand stood out for its knitwear with geometric and colorful patterns that made it famous not only in Italy, but also around the world. The perfumes of this luxurious brand are just as original and fun as the Missoni patterns. The history of the Missoni brand began in 1953 when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni opened a knitwear store in Milan. Thanks to their original patterns with zig-zags, ripples and stripes, the pieces of clothing from this Italian brand have earned a place of honor, remarkable at first glance. The first Missoni perfumes began to appear in the 80s, but they are no longer present on the market. Since 2006, the Missoni brand has started collaborating with the Estée Lauder company and therefore many renowned perfumers have participated in the creation of the new Missoni perfumes.

The Missoni perfume and Missoni cologne that impress the most are the Missoni Missoni eau de parfum for women which surprises with its fruity and floral aroma, the Missoni Missoni eau de toilette for women which is full of delicate flowers or the aromatic fragrance for men Missoni Wave. If you’re looking for perfume australia, then look no further! start shopping now.

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