A child from Newark, New Jersey, Narciso Rodriguez started out in the 1980s as an assistant stylist at Calvin Klein where he learned the simplicity and elegance of clothing. In 1997, Narciso Rodriguez launched his first personal collection. He created the label in his name, and was all about women's ready-to-wear; It is in 2005 that he will begin his men's collections. His first range of Narciso Rodriguez perfume was born with the fragrance Narciso Rodriguez For Her in 2003. Two years later, Narciso Rodriguez took an interest in masculine forms and created his ready-to-wear line for men.

Then in 2007, the Narciso perfume Narciso Rodriguez For Him was born. In 2009, Essence appears and echoes the personality and evolution of the style of Narciso Rodriguez. He gives us the portrait of a radiant woman. Eau de Musc, created in 2011, is a very luminous and incandescent eau de toilette. In the meantime, other versions of For Her also saw the light, until the appearance of Narciso in 2014. It is a modern and luxurious fragrance, paying homage to the power of feminine seduction. Imbued with romanticism, every Rodriguez perfume releases a floral and woody breath, endowed with a strong presence.

Which scents of Narciso Rodriguez are the most admired?
Narciso Rodriguez For her Eau de Parfum: The line's original smell, this multi-award-winning scent conveys tenderness and romance with an alluring combination of florals, musk, and woods. With a graphic design that captures the contemporary vibe of the scent, the light pink bottle almost appears to be lit from within. This line also includes for female eau de toilette, fleur musc, and pure musc in addition to the eau de parfum, all of which give different takes on the distinctive musk note.

What Is the Best Narciso Rodriguez Perfume?
The best Narciso perfumes are Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree and Narciso Rodrigues for her EDP.

What does Narciso Rodriguez smell like?
Narciso Rodriguez for her Eau de Parfum keeps musk as its heart note. In order to make this fragrance genuinely velvety, peach and rose are added. Meanwhile, the composition is given mystery and depth by a layer of soft amber and wood.

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