The Ormonde Jayne philosophy is based on the search for true luxury, that is to say quality, beauty and elegance. Ormonde Jayne perfume varieties are united by an extremely simple principle - extraordinarily unique fragrances created with exclusive essential oils never before used by master perfumers. Pure and rare essential oils are combined with selected botanical extracts to ensure the quality of the ingredients.

It is Linda, the designer of the fragrance, who seeks these botanical extracts directly from different suppliers around the world, from Morocco to Madagascar, choosing the rarest and most intensely scented.

Ormonde Jayne likes to relive the golden age of perfumery, the elegant period during which the creation of perfumes was a refined and exclusive art, when essential oils were left to rest for months before being filtered and left to macerate. again before being bottled. The essential oils of Ormonde Jayne perfumes are prepared by hand and left to macerate in the classic working style in the laboratory in London.

It's all about the quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery, the sensuality and natural harmony of the Orient, as Linda Pilkington, the creator of the brand says.

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