Prada fashion shows always bring something new, unexpected and innovative. They unveil unique collections made up of seemingly contradictory elements to provoke lively, stormy, emotional and intellectual reactions. Each Prada perfume reflects this dynamism and this unique approach. Brilliant idea, specific technology or exclusive ingredients - a typical Prada perfume carries all of these elements within, but its creators keep transforming them. They break them into small pieces and connect them to something completely unexpected.

Then they put them together to create something mysterious or mystical. The old, well-known perfumes are rediscovered and transformed into something new and surreal. Succumb to an olfactory path full of beauty and luxury with Prada cologne. Smell the iconic Prada Candy feminine perfume or the classic Prada Luna Rossa masculine perfume and let yourself be seduced by the charm of the Prada brand, one of the most influential in the world.

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