Each Roberto Cavalli perfume carries within it the unusual magic of their creator. This great Italian couturier made a name for himself in the fashion world when he discovered a very special fabric printing technique in the 1970s. This allowed him to experiment with new materials and different designs, and thus in the end to open his own shop in Saint-Tropez. Her very sexy fashion collection with animal and exotic motifs as well as her typical jeans have become real icons, promoted in particular by Brigitte Bardot.

The first Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum was presented in 2002 and it perfectly reflects the provocative style of its creator. Women around the world were then dazzled by Just Cavalli Eau de Toilette, a floral fragrance with woody base notes. If you’re searching for perfume Australia, you can discover Italian extravagance and luxury among the brand's 40 men's and women's fragrances and other scented accessories, including Roberto Cavalli aftershave water.

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