Viktor & Rolf amaze and delight thanks to their immense mastery of their profession as couturiers, their sense of proportion… and of excess! Their entrance into the world of perfumery is at their image, explosive and surprising, constantly reinventing the idea of ​​olfactory haute couture. It was in 2005 that the Viktor & Rolf house decided to launch into perfumery with the Flowerbomb fragrance. Success of Viktor & Rolf perfume was immediate and, although this first essence gave rise to many other successors, the philosophy of the Viktor & Rolf brand has remained absolutely the same. Viktor & Rolf have given a playful dimension to luxury and elegance. They defend a unique style and have the gift of extravagance and purity. It is in this context that they decided to launch a first Victor Rolf perfume, in 2005. Flowerbomb was followed by Andidote, a fragrance similar to an antidote against gloom. At Viktor & Rolf, it seems that the major ingredient is none other than daring. Their Bonbon fragrance is also incredibly sensational.

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