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Chanel Allure Homme Sport a powerful and dynamic fragrance. An aromatic-musky fragrance that empowers you to push your limits.
A man who thrives on extreme sensations, in search of new challenges and continually push himself beyond his limits. This fighting spirit is the very essence of EAU EXTR?ME.

The fresh and sparkling notes of Italian Mandarin teamed with the green, coniferous notes of Moroccan Cypress give a vibrant, aromatic impetus to the fragrance. Musky notes flourish in the warm and almondy accords of Venezuelan Tonka Bean, unfurling a sensual and enveloping trail.
An intense eau de parfum, like a rush of adrenaline.

Have you always cared about what adds to the way you are seen and received? Are you bothered about the kind of perception people have about you and what enhances their perception? Considered what naturally makes people wanted and others not? The answer to the so many queries isn?t something wavy at all. It?s their nice and alluring fragrance.

Fragrances naturally have a psychological effect; it has it stand on emotions and feelings, expressing diverse moods. While some fragrances are so irritable and repulsive sometimes causing nausea to some person, some fragrances are very pleasant, full pleasing to the nose and body thereby boosting happiness. All these give reasons to the need to pay the important fee of meticulous attention to the type of perfume you wear. Your fragrance also has a communicative power about your person. And if flawlessness is what you require while making a perfect choice, choose Chanel allure home sport extreme.

Chanel allure home sport extreme perfume is an exquisite men?s fragrance that sets a provocative standard for what a male fragrance should look like. It is a wonderful brand being added to the renowned allure homme collection. Chanel allure home sport extreme perfume was powerfully manufactured to provide a permanent solution to the query of what perfume to wear for guys. Chanel allure home sport extreme as the name implies is an alluring product unwrapping excellence and total fascination in a bottle. It serves as a source of unexplainable confidence when you have it on and it keeps you excited all day long.

Chanel allure home sport extreme was made with a fragrance that gives an explanation to a combination of freshness, tartness, sensuality, sharpness and strength naturally affirming the acuity and strength of a man in the works of life. It diffuses out a fragrance that unveils the wonderful ingredients and inspiration behind it, aromatizing, masculine with a gentle feel on the body.

Chanel allure home sport extreme is a great feat added to the allure collection. It was made to feature a blend of musky shades, tart spices, aromatic freshness and masculine, woody accords. Silician mandarin, mint cypress and clary sage are responsible for it cold herbal refreshment. All these are perfect combination that gave the irresistible sensational feel.  

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Chanel allure home sport extreme has a durable effect on the body and it saves you the dramatic scene of excessive spraying for it to take effect. It was well mixed and the concentration well accounted for. It isn?t unnecessarily too concentrated; this saves you the offensiveness of over concentrated fragrance. It duly gives voice to what perfection means apparently when cognizance of its manufacturing process is taken.

It avails your body with the good it seeks, and its active ingredients were carefully handpicked in order to wave away side effects. It was made into a 50 and 100ml flacon, and as others the flacon is a dark color with a silver color ring on the stopper. The brand name boldly inscribed on the body with a white and red ink. Chanel allure home sport extreme is a worthy choice.

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