Daligramme Ma Muse EDP 100ml

  • Daligramme Ma Muse EDP 100ml
  • Daligramme Ma Muse EDP 100ml boxed
  • Daligramme Ma Muse EDP 100ml
  • Daligramme Ma Muse EDP 100ml boxed

1929, Love at first sight between the artist and Gala. Dalí found his “surrealist muse” who will be the inspiration of his life and his work. She appears at the center of his work, magnified, celestial, as a living legend and a non-conformist icon.
The Muse Perfume expresses the grace, the perfection and the beauty of the beloved person. An evanescent fragrance, inviting to dream, imagination and creation.

Created by Amélie Bourgeois, this enchanting fragrance distills a sweet scent of grace and perfection. The heliotrope with powered and almond accents alongside tuberose, velvety jasmine and sensual vanilla orchid will tease the senses with pure delight. And then to bring Gala’s personality as a leading lady, this fragrance infuses notes of carnation – a flower known for its leathery and addictive notes.

Floral Solar Musky Bergamot, Almond

Tuberose, Jasmine, Carnation Vanilla Orchid, Muscs

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