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Enriched with rare French beech bud extract, Clarifique Dual Essence is a skin brightening facial essence that leaves skin brighter, more refined, plumper, tighter in just 4 weeks. The refining formula of this facial essence improves skin's natural mechanism of renewal and ensures a refined and more even skin texture as well as bright skin tone.

What is an Essence?
? Essences have similar benefits to serum, with a concentrated formula and lower molecular weight than most daily creams. They work to penetrate the skin much deeper than your average moisturiser.

Our Latest Innovation
? Clarifique Dual Essence is a combination of two essences, combined in a unique 97/3 ratio.
? 3% Lipidic Enriched Essence containing grapeseed oil: nourishes the skin as it boosts its vitality and ability to act as a barrier
? 97% Clear Essence infused with French Beech Bud Extract.
? Uniquely inserted in the bottle, this whisk is designed to blend both phases better and faster, generating thousands of fresh micro-bubbles to ensure a perfect sensation.

What is Enzyme Science?
? Enzymes are biological accelerators, vital for life and serve a wide range of important functions in the body. Enzymes already exist on our skin and support 4 factors of skin clarity - cell regeneration, hydration, natural elimination of dead skin cells and evens out the skin tone. When Clarifique skin brightening essence is applied to the skin, it boosts natural skin enzymes for ultimate skin clarity.
? In the skin, epidermal enzymes regulate 4 biological functions involved in skin clarity and skin texture:

1. Multiplication: Enzymes boost skin cells multiplication and therefore help skin renewal
2. Hydration: Enzymes are involved in moisturising factors and therefore keep skin healthy plump.
3. Desquamation: Enzymes boosts skin cell elimination and therefore refines the skin surface and tighten skin.
4. Pigmentation. Enzymes regulate melanin production, brightened skin for an even tone.

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