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Summertime, and the perfume is easy…

In summer, the senses are heightened, and fragrances become an inherent part of our vacation memories. Memories of the sea, fresh flowers, sunscreen and coconut... Yes, perfumes and scents have the extraordinary power to capture our memories, engage our senses and intensify our emotions.

So, what perfume to wear on those long, warm sunny days? Light, floral or fruity fragrances? Fragrance is totally subjective; that’s a given, and yet, summertime fragrances usually fall into the floral or citrus families. Common summer perfume notes include orange blossom, mandarin and grapefruit, and the fresh florals, like jasmine, peony and tuberose.

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How to Choose Your Summer Perfume?

If you are the type of women who choose their perfume according to their clothing style, you might want to look for lightness or a bit of exoticism when shopping for their summer fragrance, like light summer outfits that announce the start of the holidays, which often go hand in hand with the desire to discover new sensations, mostly fresh perfume.

Tip: If you have a favorite perfume that you use in winter as eau de parfum, in summer you could go for the same fragrance but in a summerish version: eau de toilette or eau fraiche.

If you’re the adventurous type and rather take a break from the usual, and completely change your style of perfume during summer, then go for fresh and floral fragrances, even eaux fraiches or eaux de cologne. Pick fragrances typical to summer holidays, such as solar scents and marine notes.

Top 8 Best Summer Perfumes for Women

Marine, sunny, fresh or tangy... New or timeless, here are the best scents of summer.


Creed Wind Flowers eau de parfum 75ml

Creed Wind Flowers EDP 75ml

About the fragrance:

Inspired by the fluidity of movement, Wind Flowers is the new fragrance from La Maison Creed. Floral and fresh, this fragrance opens with exquisite notes of delicate jasmine, tangy orange blossom and velvety peach.

A creamy praline gives way to a heart of rose, jasmine and tuberose, while silvery notes of iris and a base of sandalwood come together to bring this luminous creation to life.

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Tom Ford Soleil Blanc eau de parfum 50ml

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc EDP 50ml

About the fragrance:

Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum: the solar and floral amber fragrance that reminds you of remote private islands where summer lasts all year long, and where the days and nights melt into each other. An addictive solar floral amber alive with seductive refinement and refreshing decadence. Tom Ford's latest creation in private blend exudes the unmistakable pursuit of sunshine and luxury that defines Tom Ford Soleil.

"Soleil Blanc is unexpected, sulphurous and addictive. It's a solar and floral amber that unambiguously exudes the search for the sun and the luxury that defines Soleil." -TOM FORD

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Parfums De Marly DELINA La Rosée eau de parfum 75ml

Parfums De Marly DELINA La Rosee EDP 75ml

About the fragrance:

For light summer days full of joie-de-vivre, Parfums De Marly Delina La Rosée eau de parfum for women is a scent marked with a touch of freshness that delicately illuminates the skin. The heart of this fresh and sparkling composition contains one of the rarest rose notes in perfumery, the essence of Turkish rose, which is a true personification of luxury. Let yourself be carried away by the exceptional scent of pink dew and wrap yourself in a charming olfactory composition that truly pays tribute to luxury perfumery.

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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Pour Femme eau de toilette 100ml

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Pour Femme EDT 100ml

About the fragrance:

A limited edition fragrance, Light Blue Italian Love introduces new woody notes for an intensified feeling of addiction and sensuality. Light Blue Italian Love Pour Femme Eau de Toilette is a floral fragrance that is both fruity and sensual, to which is added a new woody dimension. It opens with the iconic top notes of Light Blue, an addictive duo of crunchy Granny Smith apple and tart Calabrian lemon.

The heart of the perfume blooms like a feminine bouquet of heady sambac jasmine and pure white rose, and gains in sensuality thanks to a new soft and floral musk note of ambrette. The signature wake left by Virginia cedar wood, intertwined with warm amber and enveloping white musks, takes on a new texture with the addition of amyris essence, bringing woody warmth.

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Lancôme La vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal L'EAU eau de parfum 50ml

Lancome La vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal L'EAU De Parfum 50ml

About the fragrance:

Happiness is more than a feeling. It is an energy. A positive vibration which, like an aura of light, radiates all around them... Since its origins, Lancôme has cultivated the vision of generous and dazzling happiness and draws inspiration from it today to imagine La Vie est Belle Sun Crystal. A radiant wake, like a halo of happiness.

Radiating at the heart of the composition, a trio of white flowers - Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Ylang-Ylang - marries a solar Coco accord and accentuates its creamy inflections. This warm and sensual accord is contrasted by Mandarin with its sparkling freshness. Inimitable signature of La Vie Est Belle, Iris, Patchouli and Vanilla, reveal an unprecedented radiance.

Infused with holographic reflections, the transparent glass of the iconic bottle captures the radiant aura that emanates from a happy smile. Like a crystal crossed by light, it reveals an infinity of colored nuances. The wings of the collar are adorned with a peach pink tint, stitched with iridescent sequins.

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Dior J'adore Parfum L'EAU eau de parfum 50ml

Dior J'adore Parfum L'eau EDP 50ml

About the fragrance:

A bouquet crafted down to the last detail, like a made-to-measure flower. The essence of ylang-ylang with floral-fruity notes and the essence of Damascena rose from Turkey mingle with a rare pair of jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse and sambac from India, with a fruity and voluptuous sensuality. “J’adore is an extraordinary perfume because it rises to the challenge of being easily seductive while having an original signature. To be carnal without being heavy. It is a composition that combines opposites, which makes iconic floral notes an attractive, unique and mysterious whole. J'adore invents a flower that does not exist. » -François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator of the House of Dior.

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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar eau de parfum 90ml

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar EDP 90ml

About the fragrance:

Flowerbomb Nectar is an intense eau de parfum. A new chapter that immerses us in the very heart of the flower, with a bewitching floral syrup, made up of notes of orange blossom, benzoin osmanthus and tonka bean. The olfactory discovery opens with a gunpowder accord that brings a dazzling and slightly metallic freshness. For a client looking for an intense fragrance with evening scents, more intimate and much more mysterious.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh eau de toilette 75ml

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh EDT 75ml

About the fragrance:

A reinterpretation of Daisy, the Marc Jacobs classic perfume. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is a unique perfume, original and fun, very Marc Jacobs! Daisy Eau So Fresh is a sunny floral fragrance that is fruitier, more bubbly, more fun than Daisy. It is a light and girly scent that invites you to stay cheerful. Definitely a summer fragrance, charming, captivating and refreshing... Even the packaging -both original and retro, truly stands out.

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Tips to make your perfume last longer



If you perfume yourself after using your body lotion, the fragrances will be captured by the fatty substance of the cream, and the smell will linger much longer on the skin. Which is not the case if you perfume directly on dry skin!


Strategically choose the “hot” areas of your body, those that retain the fragrances longer. These are the neck, chest, behind the ears, the wrists, and the inside of the elbows. You can also perfume your ankles and the back of your knees.


Hair makes a perfume last longer. But do not spray your perfume directly on your hair; instead, spray the perfume on your hairbrush, and then brush your hair.


If you want to make your perfume last longer, spray a little in your cupboards and drawers; the fibers in your clothes retain odors longer. Be careful all the same with cashmere, silk, and white clothes, which could have nasty stains if sprayed directly.


Today, more and more brands are releasing complete ranges of derivative perfume products like body creams, shower gels, deodorants, etc. Use them to make your perfume last longer, you will smell good all day and all night!


You should know that on average, an eau de toilette is composed of aromatic essences up to 7 to 12%. The eau de parfum is concentrated between 12 and 20%, while the perfume displays a rate that varies between 20 and 40%. Certain skin types retain perfumes more easily than others. As the skin is a living, breathing and transpiring organ, this can influence the way it retains scent. If your skin tends to easily retain odors, go for an eau de toilette, because it will last longer on your skin.


Oh, Summer Scents!

Are you shopping for perfume online? Discover a wide range of summer fragrances from designer brands and niche fragrances at the best perfume shop Australia. Explore the wide range of scents for men and women and choose your favorite at City Perfume today!


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