Spring summer gem

By: on 12 December 2021
I bought this wanting something light for the warm weather and was between Oriana and Meliora. There is a more prominent gourmand vibe to Oriana which intrigued me. Opening with a lovely rounded sweet orange candy scent it does settle into a lovely polite musk, sweet, creamy and extremely feminine scent. I’m more of a floral lover so I’m pleased to report that it’s not sickly or syrupy. It smells like a delicious, creamy dessert but unfortunately doesn’t last as long as my other PDMs sitting around the 3-4 hour mark after which it becomes a skin scent. But I have received compliments for this scent saying it smells yummy. This works well all year round too as it’s not cloying but you may need to overspray to extend its projection and longevity. My only qualm is that when I received the perfume, I opened the cap only for the whole cap with the atomiser to come right off! I’m a small thing, with hardly any muscle to pull off whole bottle top. Maybe it was a one off thing and it now stays in place but I’m now extra cautious when opening the cap.

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